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HOLISTIC KINK Autumn Retreat, Spain
HOLISTIC KINK Autumn Retreat, Spain
03 Oct 2022, 12:00
Join us for a Holistic Kink immersion & a date with the potency of your Desire.
  • Daily classes about eros, kink & shibari

  • Guided moments of exploration, play and self-realisation

  • Daily practises of yoga, breath- & shadow-work

  • A safe space for connection with yourself and other kinky souls



Join us for a Shibari & Holistic Kink immersion & a date with the potency of your Desire. During this week, you will have the opportunity to work with seasoned souls who will assist you in your exploration of self & other through the art of Shibari. In our eyes, the Erotic Arts & Shibari are impactful modalities for self-exploration and personal development. Being in touch with eros and life-force energy through the sensual and erotic holds vast power. The erotic world is a resource within each of us that is rooted in sensation and in the body. In some Spiritual teachings, there is a focus on meditation and ascension. While we love these practices, our intention is to bring you through the body to awaken the spirit in a fun and sexy way. We have been taught, in our society, to press-down and repress desire and the impulse of the soul. It is our intention to liberate this life-force energy so we can begin to unwind from our conditioned responses to life and start to open into our creativity, and the magic of who we are more clearly. By awakening into the body we can begin to experience more space for joy, play, and pleasure. By claiming our erotic innocence we can begin to authentically express ourselves with more power in a world that needs our authenticity. In this workshop we cover many of the tools of sacred sex and ​conscious kink​ ​in a “Safer Space”-environment. The goal of ​exploring the Dark Erotic Arts is to create powerful erotic states that hold keys to our becoming. We use techniques, rituals, and concepts of Shibari, yoga, and Conscious Kink on this guided journey to reclaim those parts of ourselves otherwise lost, hidden or dormant. We will explore our own inner world which may lead to self-love, deeper connection with others, and greater self-knowledge. Underneath the chaos and tension of our times, there is an organic current of creativity and Life that wants to be freed through the wisdom of your body and the sensuality of the Soul. This event offers you a unique access into the spiritual, emotional, creative, and sensual dimensions of Shibari and the Erotic Arts. You are being invited into a container held and guided by seasoned professionals and international wisdom keepers. This retreat will be accessible and ‘safe’ for those who are already experienced and for new-comers. Your peace will come from facing and welcoming your full range of expression. We will be coming into contact with familiar and unfamiliar feelings and learn to accept and befriend our dark and light qualities. Who is this retreat for? Couples, Singles, Men & Women who want to embody a healthy & empowered version of themselves, Non-binary, Queer. All Races. Humans, Aliens, Freaks, Prudes, Moms, Dads. Experienced Erotic Temple Priests and Priestesses, Sadhus, Gurus, Librarians, Occultists, Grandmas. Etc. People with little to no experience are invited, but we recommend that you have some experience in sex-positive spaces. We are open to all beings, but please check in with yourself to see if this is going to be the right adventure for you. Ages 25+



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  • The venue
    Discover the Little Alhambra here ,a unique Hacienda Villa , featuring 3 houses, palm trees, fountains, and 2 magnificent swimming pools, in one of Spains most beautiful regions near the Costa del Sol.

  • Rooms
    You will share a cosy and very comfortable room with one other person. 

  • Food
    Our chefs will prepare us delicious organic and locally sourced vegetarian & vegan  meals. 

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YOUR investment



  • Accommodation in shared room (2 persons)

  • 3 organic vegetarian/Vegan meals / day  

  • Workshops, Yoga , Rituals & AHK personalized attention 

  •  2 Private integration session calls 


  • Transportation to and from the venue

  • Extra treatments (you'll have the option to get Ayurvedic massage & Sound healing therapy outside our curriculum)

  • Personal expenses

Once deposit is paid , the remaining balance is due within the next 15 days. 
If the booking is made within 15 days of the retreat, the full amount is requested to be paid at time of booking. 


Deposit is non-refundable at the exception of your application not being validated following our interview
> 90 days: full refund except deposit
> 30 days: 50 % refund -deposit 
> 14 days: 10 % refund -deposit 
< 13 days: no refund



Genral terms of paymnt and canclation

Filling out an application does not guarantee your spot or commit you - but priority placement is given in order of application.
Once you apply, you'll be sent details for a short interview with us to make sure that we are the right fit for each other.


Maud Perbos

Maud is a certified yogini, rooted in the lineages of non-duality/Advaita Vedanta and Shri Vidya Tantra.
She is trauma-informed and accompanies clients towards sovereignty and self-love with tools such as EFT and NVC 

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Sascha Achner

Sascha has been an educator and rope artist for many years. As Kink-Educator he is currently teaching curious souls about Shibari, self exploration and personal growth by embodying sensous playfulness and ones inner eros.

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"I am thrilled and touched by your workshop. You and your co-trainer have created a feel-good atmosphere with your open and friendly manner, in which one was introduced to the subject of bondage in a very relaxed, but always respectful and serious manner. You have the background knowledge easy to understand and always able to help you with useful tips. I'm looking forward to the next workshops with you! "

— Ola

"There are some people in this scene who manage to convey the philosophy behind their actions in wonderful ways.

This is also the case with VÆGABØUND.

I am very happy that my prejudices and fears have been resolved. Thank you for explaining so wonderfully."

— Lilith Annura