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Your guides to the liminal 

Sascha Achner

Sascha has been an educator and rope artist for many years. As a certified Systemic Coach and Kink-Educator he is currently teaching curious souls about Shibari, self exploration and personal growth by embodying sensous playfulness and ones inner eros.

His approaches are fluid, intuitive and in-depth . Always with a focus on emotions, empathy and the strengthening and development of the individual .

In doing so, he keeps exploring interconnections to dance, expression, body work, yoga, meditation, photography, etc. The combination of these elements provide him with an unique access to the aesthetic, emotional, creative and sensual dimensions of bondage, kink and physicality .

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Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.


Maud Perbos

Maud Is a certified yogini rooted in the lineages of non-duality/Advaita Vedanta and Shri Vidya Tantra. 

She is also a birth doula, devoted to serving and accompanying humankind through key moments of life by empowering her clients into more ease, love, consciousness and personal sovereignty, using Shadow EFT and NVC as tools.

She is a rope-bottom in the art of Shibari and has found ways to use rope as another modality for meditation, surrender and transmutation of emotions. 


Her heart mission is to empower humans to unapologetically, lovingly and playfully embody their full spectrum of self and awaken in their highest potential,
Her main kinks are authenticity and vulnerability.

During retreats Maud will be rope bottoming, facilitating yoga classes and tantric rituals,  assisting with integration of peak//exalted-experiences, as well as sharing her wisdom about D/S + implementing skillful ways to apply what we explore in the retreat into the day to day.

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