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Through Holistic Sensual Exploration

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Discover Holistic Kink

In our eyes, Holistic Kink is a powerful & important modality for self-exploration and personal expansion.

It allows us to shed light and reveal our Eros, this life-force energy, as a potent & fertile ground for wholeness, for
empowered expression of self.
It allows the bring consciousness to the unconscious in a liberating and nurturing way .

It allows for limitless explorations and unravelling of the Spirit. It allows for deeper perceptiveness and connection through the Body 

For these reasons, an essential part of the work we offer is geared towards learning about your Core Erotic Theme and exploring common tools for asserting healthy connections & boundaries with yourself and others as well as establishing a clear & authentic  way of communicating.

Holistic Kink Maud VAEGABOUND Shibari

Your erotic descent into soul embodiment

Follow the thread of your untamed curiosity with us …

Underneath the seemingly chaotic collective and individual reality we create, there is a life force just waiting to be expressed through the wisdom of your body, heart and soul. 

At AHK, we offer you  a unique approach to uncover the spiritual, emotional and sensual dimensions of  your eros , of your life’s potency .


Our offerings are for those who are ready to explore themselves in a holistic approach that connects the trinity of mind, body, and spirit, in a safe(r) container held by skilled and passionate professionals in the Conscious Kink domain. 

Wanna Come On An Adventure?

HOLISTIC KINK Autumn Retreat, Spain
HOLISTIC KINK Autumn Retreat, Spain
03 Oct 2022, 12:00 – 09 Oct 2022, 14:00

Meet your guides

Maud Perbos

Maud is a reiki master, a certified yogini, rooted in the lineage of non-duality/Advaita Vedanta. She is trauma-informed and skilled in assisting others in clear communication.

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Sascha Achner

Sascha has been an educator and rope artist for many years. As Kink-Educator he is currently teaching curious souls about Shibari, self exploration and personal growth by embodying sensous playfulness and ones inner eros.

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