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A few months ago we closed our first retreat . What a amazing and profound experience it has been to be co-facilitating this adventure of diving deep into our souls and embodying ourselves through the wisdom of Yoga, Eros, Kink and Shibari. What we aimed at was to simply, but not short of, becoming as close as we could to our wholeness, to love ourselves in all aspects. The dirty, the holy, the good, the bad, the shameful, the respectful....reuniting the illusion of our fragmented selves. With love With care With intentionality With play And a spritz of naughtiness! What came through was beyond expectations.


"I dissolved,

I loved, unconditionally."


Shibari &
Kink Retreat 

Crestone, Colorado / Apr, 2022


What People Say

What an epic journey. In this safe and sacred container we created together, I experienced tears, laughter, joy, pain, and the stripping of layers of armor until I was laid bare, raw, and glistening.

My life is forever changed in the best way and I can not wait to do it all again with them next time.

Becki H., Conscious Kink Retreat Intensive, Crestone 2022

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