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Academy of Holistic Kink

Our Trinity Approach

What is Holistic Kink?

Holistic Kink is the science of looking at sensual & sexual practices from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

In other words, it is the mean to use consensual, embodied and varied erotic forms of sensual & sexual  practices as a tool to explore and awaken all aspects of one’s body, mind and spirit.

Your kink is your dormant, unspoken, hidden expression of desire to be alive in this body, mind and spirit, in this moment.
It is a force working with you and for you, waiting to be seen, heard and expressed.

Giving permission for this desire to be revealed, expressed and lived within the frame of a safe(r) container is sending a message to yourself that life can flow through you, with all its power and creativity. 


As such, we view Holistic Kink as an important modality for self-exploration and personal expansion. 

It allows us to shed light and reveal our Eros, this life-force energy, as a potent & fertile ground for wholeness, for empowered expression of self. 

The Trinity approach facilitates the process of self-exploration by integrating the three levels of being:

Spirit: By cultivating the connectivity to one's heart center and deeper wisdom, a limitless exploration and unraveling of the Spirit is possible.

Mind: Through the exploration of core erotic theme, the mind can make sense of its own patterns, and thus bring consciousness to the unconscious, in a liberating and nurturing way .

Body: Within the cultivation of one's deeper perceptiveness and connection through the Body, the corporeal becomes the main intelligence directing the exploration.

An essential part of the work we offer is geared towards learning about your core erotic theme and exploring common tools for asserting healthy connections with yourself and others, as well as clear authentic  communication.

Working with Eros

Our intention for working with Eros & natural alternated states of consciousness is not to chase after isolated moments that give us a quick yet fleeting high.
Instead, we aim to integrate these experiences of the vastness of our true nature into our day to day and help us recognize the thread of our true alignment with ourselves and each other.

Our team administers the erotic arts the same way Shamanic rituals are offered, using these modalities to see where we are withholding ourselves from intimacy with nature, ourselves, and each other.
And thus allowing the insights that are revealed through these practices to be an invitation into cultivating deeper awareness within our somatic experience and life altogether.

Eros, for us, is a reconciliation with the ever changing nature of who we are ​.

Holistic Kink is the key to the wildness and essence of your heart. 

Working With Eros
  • HOLISTIC KINK Autumn Retreat, Spain
    HOLISTIC KINK Autumn Retreat, Spain
    Mon, 03 Oct
    03 Oct 2022, 12:00 – 09 Oct 2022, 14:00
    Frigiliana, Unnamed Road 29788, 29788 Frigiliana, Málaga, Spain
    Join us for a Holistic Kink immersion & a date with the potency of your Desire.
  • Stepping Into Holistic Kink
    Stepping Into Holistic Kink
    Sat, 01 Oct
    01 Oct 2022, 11:00 – 02 Oct 2022, 17:00
    Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
    Join us for weekend of exploration and playful steps into holistic kink.
  • Stepping Into Holistic Kink
    Stepping Into Holistic Kink
    Sat, 03 Sept
    03 Sept 2022, 13:00 – 18:00
    Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    Join us for an afternoon of exploration and playful steps into holistic kink.
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