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This page contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding our work. If you don’t find the answer that you are looking for, please get in touch. We are happy to support you in finding clarity before you join one of our retreats!

  • Who are the Holistic Kink Retreats for and what can I get from them?
    Our Holistic Kink retreats are tailored to curious and open-minded people of all sexual orientations and ages (18+). Whether you are a beginner or already advanced, our retreats will provide the opportunity for you to explore and cultivate your erotic energy and personal expansion. Our teachings within the retreat offer you to: - Improve your understanding of yourself and your unconscious patterns of eros and behavior - Face and integrate your shadows and transform dysfunctional life attitudes - Develop a deeper sense of intimacy and love towards yourself and between partners - Expand consciousness and increase life energy - Awaken to experiences of the 'superconscious' (such as intuition, inspiration, creativity, and transpersonal ecstasy) - Find community of like-minded people - Learn techniques and practises of tantra, kink and the dark erotic arts - Decompress at stunning locations across the world
  • Is it safe to go to your retreats?
    As facilitators and kink-educators we are experienced in creating and holding safer* spaces for curious souls. We are at your disposal, should you be in need of help to move through arising triggers, navigate the space or have a word in private with us. *No space is ever completely safe, yet we are taking measures to make our retreats as safe as possible: Everybody in the space is is sober and is held to a high degree of awareness; we have a anti-abuse-policy in place and will spend a portion of the retreat on teaching and practicing consent-negotiation.
  • What kind of people attend your retreats?
    Human sexuality deserves to be given visibility in all its forms. The diversity of gender, sexual tastes, skills, years of experience, and ages create an environment like no other for inspiration and freedom. The age of our participants ranges from 20-50+, with the average being about 30-40, so you will find individuals of your age group at our retreats. Thus, we welcome all genders and sexual orientations. However, in our mission to create a nourishig, safe and benevolent space for learnig and exploration, we place a strong emphasis on the level of awareness and intentions of our participants. To ensure this, we review all applications thoroughly and talk personally with those who want to join our retreats to ensure that they are ready to navigate the container that we create together respectfully and harmoniously. Some of our participants have already explored either tantra, or the BDSM scene - some are making their first steps into that world with us. The one thing all of them have in common is that they invest themselves in workshops and retreats, dedicate time, emotion and money to explore, grow and better themselves. If you want to get a deeper impression about those who attended our retreats before, you can have a look at their journeys here
  • What if I want to come with my partner*s or friends to your retreats?
    We welcome you and your partner*s / friends that you want to share this contianer of learning, expansion and of deep intimacy with. (Please note that we offer couple* and group discounts). We also recommend that you and your beloved ones have a conversation beforhand, to help you to navigate the retreat harmoniously and with ease. Questions to discuss could be: Do I have any desires, boundaries, or fears regarding the retreat and the interaction with other attendees? Out of your relationship, what kinds of interactions are okay? What feels too much? How do we communicate and negotiate in the play-space of the retreat (check-ins, permission for engagements etc.)? What can we do to respect each other while fulfilling each other's needs and desires? What are our strategies for handling triggers?
  • What kind of gender balance do your retreats have?
    Our main desire is to create our reteats as diverse as possible, without adhering to any notions of gender.
  • Do I need to like pain, submission or certain forms of BDSM to attend your Holistic Kink retreats?
    Not at all. We love and practise Holistic Kink for the vast and nuanced space it offers us to explore, feel and expand - and find those spots within, that feel pleasant, exciting and satisfying for us. Even for us teachers there are practises and dynamics in kink that are not the right ones for us. It is part of the descend into our soul to explore our ever changing sensual playfulness and learn how to navigate our wants, needs and boundaries. The offers we are making are tailored in a way that you can explore your own wants, needs and turn-ons safely. We want to enable and empower you to create your own experience within the retreat. Our own real requirement is that you are actively try to get in touch with your feelings and experiences - good and challenging ones - instead of just watching from the sidelines.
  • How many people will attend your retreats?
    It is important to us that every retreat is intimate so that the community can see, hear, and feel everyone. Thus, our retreats for individuals and partners have less than 18 beings (Plus us facilitators)
  • Are flights included in the cost?
    Flights and transportation are not included. However, we do support you to connect with other participants to organize shared transportation if possible.
  • Are accomodations included?
    Yes. Depending on the place of the retreat the kind of accomodation will vary.
  • What kind of food can I expect?
    Good food is important for us in our retreats. Thus, you can look forward to organic, local food - made with love by an experienced chef.
  • How is the Holistic Kink retreat structured?
    Our Holistic Kink retreats are explorative and experimential, which means that everyone participates actively. During the week we teach theory and techniques, have sharing sessions, discuss, and use various exercises related to the topics of the retreat. Rituals and meditations are also part of our work. Feelings, needs, and boundaries are respected, and no one is forced into anything. Our Holistic Kink retreats are all about learning about ourselves in an interesting, joyful and experimental way. And of course, there is guidance, community, great food and a wonderful place to expand your soul.
  • Will there be nudity in during the retreat?
    At our Holistic Kink retreats, nudity is never a mandatory part of the class. We invite and want to give space to people to feel and express themselves as they are. You decide, how much or how little clothing you are wearing.
  • Am I expected to have sexual encounters in the retreat?
    Full on sexual intercourse is not part of our excersises neither will we hold space for that. Experience shows, that our participants enjoy to cuddle, play and get an insight into holistic kink practises but rarely go all the way into sexplorations. However, what happens after classes or in your private rooms is up to you. Everything that we are offering in our retreats is voluntary and without any pressure to participate. You are the creator/creatress* of your own experience and nothing happens without your freely given consent.
  • Can I physically interact with the facilitators?
    Our role of facilitators is unique and carries a special responsibility towards the well-being of the individual as well as to the dynamics of the group. In our retreats we put ourselves into service of the learning experience of our participants. It is our privilege and responsibility to act and interact with you as teachers, coaches, healers and inspirators to guide and support you throughout your journey with us. In cases of guided exercises where the group is uneven we will step in, to balance the group if need be. In that role we may share thoughts, emotions and consentual touch. However, we will uphold boundaries that honor our responsibility and integrity as facilitators and guides towards the group and the container whe aim to create.
  • Where can I learn more about the facilitators?
    Please see the TEACHERS page
  • What is your application process?
    Simply by clicking on the apply-button of the retreat in question. From there you will get to a page where you can pay the deposit for the retreat. You will then get a confirmation mail with a link to schedule an intake call with one of our facilitators. The intake call is for us to meet, get acquainted and make sure that this is the right retreat for you. Once you're accepted into your desired retreat, you'll receive a link by email to pay and secure your spot. After making the payment, we will send you a comprehensive preparation package. Then you can book your flights and start preparing for the retreat! *If you are not accepted or decide to not go through after the intake call, we will refund you the deposit in full.
  • What previous experiences in tantra or kink do I need to be able to apply?
    No previous expertise is required; the only prerequisite is your desire to use sexuality as a tool for personal and/or spiritual development.
  • Do you have low-income tickets available?
    We offer low-income tickets for individuals with limited financial means. If this applies to you and a low-income ticket is your only realistic option for attending our retreats, you can apply by contacting us via mail.
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